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Eras and ending and stuff

Once again, I failed to go through my suits and pick out the ones to sell.

And I know exactly why I'm having the problem.

It's because when I relinquish the suits, I'll be acknowledging that I will never again work a job that requires one.

Now, that is not, in itself, bad. I don't want to push papers for a company I don't care about, which is what I equate business-formal with. But the thing is, the job I wore those suits for, I liked. It was a shitty company that overworked and underpaid all of us. But I made great friends there (tsarinanic being the only one actively on LJ). It was a good working environment. It was a good fit for me in a way Coca-Cola U never was.

But y'know what? That was an era that ended five years ago.

And I've just been hanging onto a bunch of suits that I haven't worn since.

I'll keep a few. There's always a need for a nice suit. Just like black pumps and a little Gucci bag. And duct tape.

But there are so many things that I'm holding onto Just Because. And they take up space and could be making me money.


It's hard. But I'm acknowledging why it's hard, and maybe that'll help.
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