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By request: Online shopping!

bluedressdevil requested (a while ago) that I post about my favorite online stores. So. :)

The ones she named, but I can't name 'em enough:

Vosges Chocolate. The best truffles ever. On the more affordable side, they also sell candy bars. Whole Foods and local gourmet food places carry the candy bars and cocoa mixes, too.

Uncommon Goods is my go-to site for cool, funky gifts. :)

And now new ones.

The gifts I don't buy at Uncommon Goods, I buy at Femail Creations. Most of my jewelry comes from there, too - if you've admired an article of my jewelry, it's probably from Femail Creations. My birthmom shops there, too.

The gifts I don't buy at those two, I buy at ThinkGeek. And yeah, I have a wishlist there. :)

Okay, does anyone not know about BPAL by now? Note - if you want to start trying stuff out without the Lab's monthlong lead time, check out the BPAL forum for swaps and sales.

I don't generally do clothing shopping online, because I'm so difficult to fit - but my favorite store that has an online presence is Anthropologie. I've also successfully online-shopped at Pin Up Girl.

I think that's it. But, y'know, memory problems. *nod*
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