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Right, then.

Swap with 'song!

(In case they're checking LJ before e-mail: deyaniera, phinnia, and whitecrow0 are paged to the white courtesy phone to tell me what they've got to swap for the imps I'm holding for them.)

My readers get first crack. I'll post this at sinandsalvation if I don't manage to swap 'em away to you guys. If label condition and decant/not decant is important to you, let me know and I'll look at it and report on it; these all look satisfactory to me. I would like to swap LE for LE, but will swap 1 LE for two GCs on my wishlist. If you have Storyville - dude, let's make a deal.

Hearth 2005
Mi-Go Brain Canister
Monster Bait: Underbed - wytchchyld

Unimpable (Salon)
Carceri D'Invenzione (ideal trade would be for Death of Sardanapal)

Nihil (swap for lunacies on wishlist, other unreleased, or other rarities)

Anne Bonny - setfiretolife
Djinn - phinnia
Gaueko - deyaniera
The Ghost - cissa
Libertine - cissa
Sybaris - cissa

Ava Luxe samples (same size)
Ambra Tibet
Vanille Royal

Feel free to just post your swaplist, too, as my wishlist needs updating.
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