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Happy birthday to jasra!

Not taking my meds yet - the school bus was a no-show on Friday, and I had to drive Miss Kid, medicated and all. I do not want a repeat of either part of that.

Pain is moderate, as it was much of yesterday. I slept much of yesterday away, which likely contributed to me waking up at 2 AM and having difficulty getting back to sleep.

Daily Science
Stealing both links from phinnia, I b'lieve:

Your brain boots up like a computer.

How your brain sleeps.

Daily BPAL
Wolf Moon: This is the dead of winter, the year’s dark hibernation, the crystalline silence of the depths of the world’s darkness. It bears echoes of the time before time, of primordial gloom. This Moon harbors memories of man’s life before fire.

In bottle: Cool, slightly foresty... something else I can't ID.

On me: Aquatic - but the aquatic of Yemaya, the one that doesn't go all sharply chemical on me. Hm, wait - there is some of that there. We'll see if it dries off. The light foresty smell is buried beneath it. Some muskiness buried beneath, too. But the sharp chemical thing is cutting it all off. If that doesn't stop, this is one for the swap pile. *reads forum reviews* Eee, yeah, wish I'd read reviews first. "Aquatic notes" all over the place. And no sign of it letting up on my skin. EDIT: And it has let up. It's lightly musky. And I can't swap it, because Elayna digs it, so in her BPAL box it goes!

Other BPAL note - the Halloween update should go live today! More pretties I can't afford, though these should be up longer than Black Moon Rising. Which I still crave. *pout*

Other other BPAL note: I'll be posting my swaplist when I get home from taking Miss Kid to the bus. It'll be first-come, first-serve.

People who I have things tentatively set aside for, please send me your swaplists so I can pick stuuff out or throw those imps back in the pool.

People who I definitely have stuff set aside for, please remind me what I'm getting from you, as I may have since tried it and decided it's not for me and want the option to swap for something else?

My goal here is to get all swaps out the door early this week. Just one more thing to clean up before the hospital stay.
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