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Just talked to the hospital people...

I will have internet access! I will also have access to a coffeemaker and minifridge. But I'm sure they don't have a coffee grinder (didn't think to ask), so I'll have to settle for pre-ground. Poor coffee-snob me.

Strangely, they do not supply a DVD player. I say strangely because, in the info-packet, they exhort you to bring DVDs. o_O So I'll be bringing the DVD player from home. Adam and Elayna have TiVo and the PS2. They'll survive.

And I know where in the hospital I'll be, if not my room number.

*stretches* I've been asleep or on the phone all day. And now the power's flickering, so I don't want to start a load of laundry or anything just yet. I think we'll just mark today off as a wash. We'll start over tomorrow.
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