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Hospital stay is 5-7 days long, starting Wednesday, September 6. Spooky can be with me the 6th through Monday the 11th. I have a call in to Kires, whose weekend starts on Monday, I b'lieve, to see if he can cover me the rest of the time.

Yes, I can have bunches of visitors; thank you. :)

Stuff can be sent to my home address. E-mail yendi AT if you want it to be a surprise; e-mail avivasedai AT if you want to send baked goods. She's the Cookie Coordinator.

Things to occupy my brainmeats are good things to send. Books, DVDs (loan is fine), BPAL to review...

(I'm not begging for stuff. But people asked what they could send.)

Questions I have to ask the hospital person:

* What's the internet situation like? Wifi? Dialup? Not permitted?
* Is there anything I shouldn't bring?
* Are outside foods/beverages permitted, or am I limited to hospital food?
* ...I forget. Will add to this, obviously.

And now I go to ask my gyn about a Mirena IUD, then I go to pick up museumfreak.

If you think of any more questions I ought to ask, let me know! She's sending me an info packet, which should get here in a day or two, so I'll likely have more questions then...
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