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“(Transcription by <lj user="elionwyr">!)

Hello! This is Shadesong. I didn't get a chance to do my morning post this morning cuz I fell right back to sleep after taking Elayna to the bus stop. And then <lj user="missakins"> came over and taught me how to list things on Ebay, for which I am grateful. And also showed me that I would be better off selling my suits on Craigslist. Uh, if any of you guys want size 0 petite and size 2 petite suits, or some in size 3 juniors, let me know cuz I'd, I'd like to get them sold cuz...we need money.

ok, ummmmm...Administration! Nobody new added me. Annnd, happy birthday to the people whose birthdays it is.

Uh, Medical: I got really tired, which is why I fell back asleep after taking the kid to the bus stop. But..otherwise..I, I'm about the same.

Hm. Daily Science: Uhh, go find it yourself (laughs) because I don't have any memorized.

Daily BPAL: I have not tried anything new today, but I am wearing Torture King. Yay Torture King!

Okay, the specifically Friday memeage.. I am wearing the jeans with the beads on the butt. Not beads <i>in</i> the butt because that would be very different. "I'm blogging this!" t-shirt! Because I am. And my leather jacket because right now I am in a movie theater and I'm always really cold in movie theaters. And I am in a movie theater because we are about to see some motherfuckin' snakes on a motherfuckin' plane.

<lj user="gwynraven"> Motherfucker!

Motherfucker, adds Gwyn. *laughs* Gwyn is here, too! Say hi, <lj

<lj user="gwynraven"> Hello!

That's <lj user="gwynraven">. She's, she's really cute. And *laughs* now she's laughing.

Okay! Other memeage.. What I'm reading! I am reading, um, <i>Mind Wide Open</I>, I forget who it's by. But it is about neurological testing. It's a guy going through all sorts of testing to...see basically examples of how we think.

Uh, I am also reading Anne Lamott's <i>Operating Instructions</I>, the journal of her son's first year of life. And next I'll be reading <i>Psyche in a Dress</i> by Francesca Lia Block, courtesy of Gwyn who got an ARC of it at ALA.

She's a hot librarian. There's an epidemic of hot librarians on my
friends list. All the hot librarians should say hi in the comments so we can hook y'all up.

Ok, Umm...What I'm doing this weekend. Um, I get to hang out with <lj
user="irana"> on Saturday, along with <lj user="gwynraven"> and <lj user="nycorson">, and, um, <lj user="nycorson">, send us details of your house and how to get there and everything. Cuz that's important.

Ummmm...and then <lj user="harkalark"> is going to be in town, and we
will be with <lj user="harkalark"> Saturday night and Sunday, and we
don't have any plans yet, but we *do* plan to make him say, "I'll be in my bunk," a lot.

<lj user="gwynraven"> *giggles*

Which is pretty easy. So it'll, it'll be a pretty undemanding weekend. *laughs*

Ummm....let's see. And the What Elayna Is Reading section. Elayna is reading a Nancy Drew book, the very first one, <i>The Secret of the Old Clock</i>, which I thought she'd read already cuz she's read a, a *ton* of Nancy Drew. But she hasn't. And we are reading <i>The Wizard of Oz</I> together at the bus stop, because she *wanted* to read <i>Wicked</i>, and I read <i>Wicked</i> and I said, "Oh, FUCK no, you're *not* reading <i>Wicked</i>." *laughs* So we're reading the original <i>Wizard of Oz</I> instead.

I have...not much else to say. Except, ehhh, I'm motherfuckin' sick of these motherfuckin' snakes on this motherfuckin' plane. Motherfucker!

And..uh, tell me in the comments what you're up to, cuz I am always
interested, even when I'm...too busy and scattered to comment on your
posts and all of that.

And I've talked for long enough and people are going to blow a fuse, um, transcribing this. *laughs*”

Transcribed by: multiple users

There are no monkeys in this voicepost. zarhooie is on crack. Crack kills, y'all.

EDIT: Added transcription by Spooky. Last part of transcription is
"Oh, yes! And I promised that if I made over $3000 in Blogathon I would sing a song, and that the people who donated would get to pick what song I sing. So, sponsors! If you have listened so far in this? You should, uh, try to think of the most embarrassing song possible, because I know that's what you're going to be going for.

And I got cookies from avivasedai and I'll take pictures of them later and write a haiku about them!

And, that's it. Umm...Ok! Byeeee! I hope everyone has a great Friday, and a great weekend, and...motherfuckin' snakes on a motherfuckin' plane, motherfucker.


That's Gwyn. Motherfucker!

Ok. Bye! *giggle*"
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