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Odin's Day

Happy birthday to fibro_witch and evilmike!

Hello to new reader ladyvivien!

The usual, plus a little brainfuzzy.

Saw my primary care doctor today. She agrees that my neuro and I are "not a good fit". Problem is, she's the only epileptologist at Coca-Cola U. And I can't drive far elsewhere. I'll have to call my insurance company and explore options. She does think that the video/EEG monitoring may be a good idea, just to get more info, but agrees (with the caveat that she's not a neuro) that it seems reasonable to try other medications before hacksawing upen my skull.

As for the birth-control issue, she recommended a Mirena IUD, and we talked about that for a bit. And she paused and said, "I want you to consider whether you're doing this to jump through hoops to try medications that may not work for you, or to get a different, more effective type of birth control."

I love this doctor.

And she agrees, of course, that sterilization for these reasons is A Bad Idea.

As for the weight loss, we're not panicking, since it's just a two-pound slide and I'm still (barely) in acceptable range. But we're keeping an eye on it.

The Happiest Man on Earth
The happiest man on earth works in the clinic's garage. He sits in a wee little booth all day taking money to let you out of the garage. This job would make me terribly surly, but he seems to love it. Huge grin on his face, always. "Twooooo big ones!" he chirps.

Seems weird, but seeing him cheers me up. It's good to know that someone out there loves their job!

Daily Science
Planets Plan boosts tally to 12: The number of planets around the Sun could rise from nine to 12 - with more on the way - if experts approve a radical new vision of our Solar System.

An endorsement by astronomers meeting in Prague would require school and university textbooks to be rewritten.

The proposal recognises eight classical planets, three planets belonging to a new category called "plutons" and the largest asteroid Ceres.

The Origin of the Ridiculous: Whales are beautifully ridiculous. They are majestic divers, in some cases plunging nearly two miles underwater. And yet sooner or later they must rise back to the surface to breathe air. They breathe through a rather ridiculous-looking hole on top of their head. Unlike fish, which often reproduce by spraying millions of eggs and swimming away, whales give birth to one calf at a time, which they proceed to nurse for months. Some whales are like underwater bats, shrieking through their blowholes and listening to the echoes. And perhaps most ridiculous of all are whales that turn themselves into giant filters, thanks to a ridiculous tissue called baleen. (...)
Whales are ridiculous thanks to their history.They evolved from mammals on land. Their swimming, reproduction, breathing, and other adaptations to life in water are all the result of tinkering with a terrestrial animal's body. Fossil discoveries have documented how coyote-like mammals moved into the water about 45 million years ago and became more and more adapted to the marine life.

And here's a gorgeous picture of the Orion nebula.

And now I nap.
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