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Oh, yeah - now I remember why I keep dragging my feet about working on the epilepsy book.

Because it pisses me the fuck off.

Wrote the cover letter today, which is a brief summary of what the brain drugs have done to me, over the last few years. And just a brief narrative from first seizure to diagnosis to drug hell, and a list of topics I emphasize in the book.

And, just... on a day to day basis, I'm not raging mad about all of this anymore. But when I look at it, all presented neatly on one page... it's just infuriating. That I should have to go through this. That anyone should.

And that's why I'm writing the damn thing. Because no one tells you this stuff. They tell you to take the pills and you'll be fine. Well, no. No, you won't. You'll take the pills, and you'll lose weight catastrophically, and half your hair will fall out, and you'll be unable to walk for half the day, and won't be able to think straight, and lose your short-term memory, and you'll be intensely nauseous and fatigued, all this and more, and you'll still have seizures.

No one talks about that.

And that's why I'm writing this damn thing.

I get chocolate now.
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