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That's it. She's on the bus to middle school.

*is in shock*

She'll be okay. I have faith. We went over her concerns this morning.

My concerns are not along the lines of "will she get lost" or "will she get on the right bus"; the classrooms are all in the same hallway, we've run the gauntlet in practice, I told her all she has to do is locate hall 100 and she'll be totally fine. And I'm sure there'll be plenty of bus-loading assistance.

My concerns are along the lines of this being her first day in a non-Montessori school, and possibly her first day of not being far and away the smartest kid in class.

She's accustomed to a single teacher who pretty much left her to her own devices. And honestly, I think that made her slightly intellectually lazy, over the last two years. I think structure will be good for her, and academic competition will re-spark her drive; I saw the latter in action when, after a year of zero competition for first chair, another good flautist arrived on the scene. It's lonely at the top. Now she'll have company, being as this is an entire gifted track.

I think she'll thrive. I just don't know if she'll thrive right away. So I worry.

My baby's in middle school. I swear I'm not old enough for this.
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