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Life with 'song and Adam

'song, sweeping into the living room and pointing regally at Adam: "I summon you forth!"

Adam, looking up at 'song: "[gibberish]*"

'song, pausing only momentarily: "I summon you forth!"

Adam: "I'll give you points for persistence."

'song: "Yay me! I am persistent."

Adam, waving hand in 'go-on' gesture: "Why do you summon me forth?"

'song, abruptly losing vocabulary**: *points to kitchen*

Adam: "yeeees?"

'song, struggling, finding a word: "Cocoa!"

Adam: "Coco?"

'song: "Coco Coco.***"

Adam: "Okay..."

'song, bouncing in triumph at return of English language: "I summon you forth to the kitchen to make me cocoa!"

Adam: "You realize that this conversation would have taken about five seconds had you just said that, right?"

'song, floofing skirts: "That's not how we work."

* Sometimes spoken words are gibberish. My brain just doesn't translate them. In a conversation, I may ask you to repeat yourself a time or three. I could not watch TV without TiVo. *laugh* Adam is one of those people who, when I ask them to repeat, rephrases, which drives me bugfuck because I know that it's not what he said before, so sometimes I'll just ignore and repeat my statement, knowing that if I've missed something like "The cat is on fire," it'll come 'round again.

** This is one of my most common side effects. Words aren't reliably there. It's usually the easy ones, too, like kitchen and cocoa. I had a day where I couldn't remember the word for "door", but "aphasia" I had no problem with.

*** See Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. There is a character who speaks only in the word "Coco", yet all of the other characters understand her perfectly. It is unclear to me whether Adam understood that I actually wanted cocoa or thought I was making a Foster's reference, since he said this in the voice of the character. Who is, unsurprisingly, named Coco.****

****This is way too many footnotes/annotations for such a doofy little anecdote. *****

***** I *heart* Spooky. This is unrelated to the rest of the post.
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