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* I am driving my child batshit crazy by chairdancing as she plays her flute. I can't help it. "Linus and Lucy" = Snoopydancing.

* We have been, for a few weeks now, at the point in summer where I want to chop my hair off. Just take scissors and saw away at it. I have heavy curls, you see, and they weigh down on my neck in summer heat, and stick to me when I sweat. But, as the Starks say, winter is coming, and I'll be thankful for 'em then.

* Elayna got a haircut yesterday - just a trim and some layering. Hard to layer her hair, apparently, because it's so long. So beautiful, too; the stylist declared that she wouldn't cut it even if Elayna asked her to. It's waist-length and glitters giltlike in the sun.

* Yesterday was a bad meds day and a bad pain day. Double whammy! My body was very "in need of a tune-up", in the words of my erstwhile massage therapist, the lovely and talented manifestress, who I recommend to all locals.

* My child is ranting about D flat and C natural. This is not even Greek to me, as I actually understand some Greek.

* Now she's playing songs and making me guess what they are. So I'm typing to avoid looking at her sheet music. This is "Little Drummer Boy".

* I haven't been doing much writing lately; very busy with Miss Kid. She starts sixth grade tomorrow, which will free up my time.

* I am so nervous about her starting sixth grade, and I'm trying not to let it show, because I don't want her to panic!

* The morning bus schedules are posted on the school's site, but the afternoon schedules aren't. How am I supposed to know when to meet her at the bus stop?

I will stop typing now. *nod*
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