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I'm awake! Too disorganized still for a real post.

Vivid dreams continue... and part of the problem with the dreams is that some of them are so *realistic* that it feels like I'm living two days for every one. Thankfully, I'm not in pain in the dreams.

When I said yesterday that the pain was manageable? Strike that, reverse it. Ended up being a moderate pain day. Leading to a bit of back-and-forth with Elayna where she was trying to negotiate chores that I wasn't up to negotiating, and I just kept repeating "I can't get into this right now; my body hurts, and I need to lie down." Didn't need to repeat it *that* much. She's just unaccustomed to it, as it developed/worsened while she was in Florida. She ended up doing everything I asked of her. Eventually.

Today is registration/orientation day for middle school! So from here, I go forth and assemble all the paperwork they require for that. Fortunately, the orientation exists, so Elayna can get some questions answered and fears allayed; also fortunately, Adam can accompany us.

Excellent news: gwynraven is visiting! August 16-26. We will be open to hanging out with any Atlanta people who want to see/meet her.

Now I go drink coffee and assemble a registration packet.
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