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I have a bit that wants to be written, and it keeps getting caught on things on its way out of my brain. Were I writing this longhand, I'd be scribbling things out every few paragraphs. As it is, I'm helplessly staring at my screen.

Things happen. And I know what happens. But this scene is like navigating river rapids. The rapids in question are things re: Victor's and Kieran's psyches. Mostly Victor, mostly from a past life, some just about his attitudes on Kithrayna. This is not helped by the fact that he and Kieran are just barely getting to know each other, so Kieran doesn't know that these triggers exist, so he has to not set them off without knowing that they're there to navigate around, because whenever he hits one, the scene hares off into lengthy unrelated conversation. And just because *I* tell everyone my life story at the slightest provocation doesn't mean my *characters* ought to, and Kieran isn't allowed to find out about the past-life stuff for another few months anyway.


Sleep for now, I think.
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