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Tell me a secret.

As promised in my last post, this is a very special tell me a secret post. This is an opportunity not just to whisper your confessions, but to have it be part of something larger.

I'll let guest blogger themaskmaker explain, as it's her project.

There's a folk tradition that you can carry a secret to the ancient Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat for safe keeping. Just whisper your secret into a chink in the temple wall, close up the chink with something (a twist of paper, a tuft of grass, mud), and walk away...

I'm a mask-maker (you can see some of my work here), and I want to make a mask that embodies this sense of finding a safe place for our secrets. To make the symbolism of the mask more powerful, I would like to incorporate real secrets into the body of the mask.

To that end, I've asked Shadesong to run a special "Tell me a secret" post for me. Whatever secrets you post here, she'll shield your anonymity and send them to me. I'll print them out on special hand made paper and then paste them onto the mask, print side facing in, as a papier mache layer.

I would be honoured beyond belief if you would allow me to make your secrets into this unusual piece of art.

When I've finished the mask, I am considering offering it up at auction to raise money for charity. With Shadesong's help, I'll keep you all posted.

Notes from me:

* themaskmaker is an amazing artist; I highly recommend that you check out her site! She's also a very nifty person.

* All comments will be screened. Forever. I am the only person who will ever know what you said. themaskmaker will receive your secret with no name attached.

Give us your secret for safekeeping; we will honor it. Tell us your story. Become part of a work of art, and release.

Tell me a secret.

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