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Receiving Day

I'm going to steal irana's list of attendees right off her LJ: "manifestress, mermaidblue, missakins, nanofishie, magenta_girl and ydnic and a beautiful woman by the name of Angelique not on lj. As well as Miss Thing." irana didn't get to meet madame_foo, but I did. Miss Thing is irana's fabulous daughter, and Elayna = nanofishie.

Highlights of the day:

* Cutting up magazines for collages
* Hot tub!
* Trading gifts
* Henna - Elayna got a butterfly on her ankle, and I got a lovely elaborate design on my foot (yes, Karla took pics)
* A wonderful ritual
* BPAL-geeking with ydnic

Mostly just the wonderfulness of being around so many nifty and varied women.

The bad part - I fell in love with a new BPAL.

The really, really bad part:'s Storyville. *hides face*

But yes. It was a fabulous day. Many thanks to manifestress for making it happen!
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