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Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

The aquarium is amazing and gorgeous and - garden eels! Cone jellyfish! Frickin' huge octopus! Japanese spider crabs!

My body is tapped the hell out, though, which is apparently obvious - today was as full of "do you need to sit down?" as it was of marine life.

Wonderful to geek out with Miss Kid, though.

Related bitch: Fuckin' people do not raise their fucking kids anymore, they just get turned out to fend for themselves. No one teaches them any goddamn manners, either. Want to throw the whole lot of them in with the Japanese spider crabs.

I was so obviously painfully exhausted that we went straight home to drop me off; Mom and Elayna stayed here and played, and Dad and Adam ran errands, while I napped. Adam woke me after two hours to tell me to get ready to go out to the Lenox mall to get shoes for Elayna. The look on my face was so horrified and pitiful that he immediately told my parents to go without me. Good husband.

I have... no reserves left. I ran out of spoons, like, last week. I am nonfunctional.
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