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No time to post, as usual this week, even though I have a lot to say. Damn parents. But. Important news for sponsors, from the person in charge of Blogathon:

"The emails *were* going out last night in batches. Then Dreamhost decided to "helpfully" shut off our ability to email, as they were afraid we'd been hacked by spammers. I have explained that we weren't, but they are taking their sweet time reversing things, as usual. So the rest of the emails will go out as soon as we are able to send them."

So - hang in there, your sponsorship e-mail is coming.

Now we go to the aquarium and maybe IKEA. And I exhaust myself to the point of going to sleep before Elayna again. Hating this. Hating both parents right now. More later. Probably more tomorrow rather than more later, as they will be leaving tomorrow morning.

So much hate.

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