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Odin's Day

...format-free, since I have to be ready to leave the house by 9...

* I'm up to $3,434.00 raised for RAINN via Blogathon. Wild. My sponsor post will be updated later. I can't thank you guys enough.

* If you enjoyed my Blogathon posts, please vote for me - there's a link to vote on your profile page. It would be cool to be on the ballot for best fiction project. Vote for boutell, too, and anyone else you enjoyed!

* Hello to new reader spoothbrush!

* I'm down to two untested imps, so I'll test later and then update my swaplist.

* Will do a big Daily Science post when I return from breakfast and Miss Kid's doctor. (She's fine, this is just an immunization/checkup visit.)

* Shower now. Zoom!
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