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Today: Much mind-changing about what we were going to be doing, then my parents wandering off and me and Elayna watching Aquamarine, then dinner with everyone.

Tomorrow: Doctor, then spending the day out of town with the whiny aunt, odd uncle, crack-whore cousin-in-law, monosyllabic cousin, undermedicated batshitcrazyhypersociopathic second cousin, and new baby second cousin. And parents.

Thursday: Shopping for school clothes and supplies, Bodies exhibit, massage, dinner at Floataway.

Friday: Aquarium. Parents leave.

Saturday: Gathering at manifestress's. thryn in the evening?

Sunday: Chocolate tasting at museum.

Monday: Opthalmologist.

So Tuesday's the next unprogrammed day I have. (And Wednesday I have registration for middle school.)

I am right now vibrating out of my skin unable to concentrate from overload. So. Yeah. Please be patient with the 'song. Not so much up to communication right now.

EDIT: Okay, fuck the day out of town tomorrow. I'm staying home and resting. Elayna's cool with it, and I don't much care what anyone else involved thinks. I need decompression.
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