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Tew's Day!

And I remembered to say "rabbit rabbit" first thing this morning. This will be a lucky month!

Happy birthday to gikiski!

Same as yesterday, really. And yesterday became a bad pain day, and I'm hoping that today doesn't repeat...

Assuming that they do cut off sponsorship at 9 AM EST, my grand total is $3,223.00. Wow, y'all. Thank you so much. :)

I'll post the list of sponsors separately.

Daily Elayna
She is so into Wicked. It's crazy. It's like me and Les Mis when I was 14. Baby's first Broadway musical obsession.

Daily Science
Via rosefox...

Columbia University researchers discover on-off switch for chronic pain: ...researchers from Columbia University Medical Center have discovered a protein in nerve cells that acts as a switch for chronic pain, and have applied for a patent to develop a new class of drugs that will block chronic pain by turning this switch off.

Daily BPAL

Bayou: A lazy, warm deep green scent with a thick aquatic undertone: Spanish moss, evergreen and cypress with watery blue-green notes and an eddy of hothouse flowers and swamp blooms.

In bottle: Uh-oh. Aquatic notes = chemical-y.

On me: Yep. Pure chemical. Swap.

Cerberus: A deep, rumbling scent, warm, soft and as cozy as a dog by a hearthfire, but with a fierce and feral soul: deep chocolate, deeper musks, with a dash of fig, bittersweet walnut, and the wild essences of juniper berry, cubeb and rum.

In bottle: Chocolate rum!

On me: Rum, then juniper (weird!) I'm not sure rum and juniper go together well on me. Where is my chocolate? Where is my fig?, this does not work. Which saddens me.

The Lady of Shalott: The scent of calm waters just before a raging storm, limned with achingly-beautiful blooms, an icy scent, but somehow warm, and mirror-bright: bold gardenia, crystalline musk, muguet, water blossoms, clear, slightly tart aquatic notes and a crush of white ginger.

In bottle: Icy, yes. How does she do that? And floral.

On me: Sharp chemical. Swap.

Lotus Moon: Soporose and lenitive: opium-laced golden lotus with rich amber, pine resin, and rose otto.

In bottle: Mostly amber.

On me: Amber and pine. Where is my lotus? The rose is a hint, not overwhelming. Still waiting for the lotus, which is not forthcoming. Hmf.
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