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Blogathon FAQ

* Because every two and a half minutes, someone in this country is raped.
* Because rape is the second most violent crime a person can experience, right after murder (per the FBI).
* Because rape leaves trauma that must be dealt with, or it will break you - and calling RAINN's hotline has been the first step to getting help for over a million people.
* Because it happened to so many people I love.
* Because it happened to me.

Sponsor me...

How can I sponsor you now and not pay til my next paycheck?
Easy! Sponsorship is a promise to donate. When you click here, you are making a promise - no credit card needed! After the deadline, you will get an e-mail from telling you to go to RAINN now and donate. In their words, "When the event is over, you will receive a reminder from us to donate to the appropriate charity, along with a link to click when that's done. If you can't get to it right away, you'll receive another reminder a month later."

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I like the stuff you wrote! What's it all about?
All of my storybits were either Shayara or Places You Haunt, and tagged as such. Shayara is an urban fantasy comic book written by me and drawn by m0usegrrl. Places You Haunt is a modern-day retelling of Tam Lin on the streets of Las Vegas.

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How can I get more?
Well, there's a website for Shayara - it's a bit out of date, but you can see cool art and get a general idea of what it's about. A very short Shayara story was published in Shooting Star Comics Anthology #6, but good luck tracking that down.

Oh, also? A .pdf of the Shayara Primer is my gift to all Blogathon sponsors. Not just that, but you'll get the Shayara Blogathon stories offered to sponsors of previous Blogathons. The Primer is your complete guide to the world of Shayara, with history, linguistics, everything you need to know what the hell I'm talking about - and a bunch of short-short stories, too. This will come out in dead-tree form as well, but sponsors get it earlier.

Also, check out my Shayara LJ-memories. Don't rely on tags, they only give you the last 50 entries.

Want more Places You Haunt? Friend placesyouhaunt. :)

Sponsor me...

What's the sponsorship deadline?
Tomorrow at 9 AM EST.

Please sponsor me today.

We're up to $2,825.00 $2,864.00 $2,934.00 $2,959.00!! :)

Thank you. :)
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