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Monday Monday...

Happy birthday to mr_wombat!

Hello to new readers eiluned, seferin, kitrona, and xerne!

Exhaustion + nausea to the max; brainfuckery and general wonkiness. Pain, yes. Will call doctor this week to see if I can up the... what the hell am I on? Cymbalta. Add wordfuckery to above list.

Also bad headache; have taken Excedrin and will return to bed shortly.

Daily Science
Two from phinnia:

"It's not the cure that's worse than the disease, it's the care": One-a-Day is the name of a popular vitamin, but it also is the frequency with which any hospital patient will be the victim of a medication error. The causes, according to the Institute of Medicine, include sound-alike drugs, bad physician penmanship and poorly labeled pharmaceutical packaging.

"Bubbles go high-tech to fight tumors": Bubbles: You’ve bathed in them, popped them, endured bad song lyrics about them. Now, University of Michigan researchers hope to add a more sophisticated application to the list—gas bubbles used like corks to block oxygen flow to tumors, or to deliver drugs.

Since I'm getting lots of links in comments and I lose track of them... to submit an article for Daily Science, please e-mail it to shadesong AT with the subject line "Daily Science". Thanks! (Wow, that sounds official. But. Brainfuckery. Make my life easier!) Articles can be from any branch of science, from medicine to astronomy to tech-geekery... special preference given to neuroscience and sex, of course. :)

Daily BPAL

Regan: A deceptively sweet orchid vanille with a faint trace of stephanotis.

In bottle: First a hint of chemical, then a clear floral-tinged vanilla.

On me: Could it be? A floral that I like? Sweet orchid is a very good description. Not much more to say about this; it's a very basic scent. The vanilla is very nice with this. Later: creamy and sweet. Very nice indeed.

French Love: A warm, soft, sexual blend. Sweet and alluring. Used to entice new lovers and add an aura of temptation and carnal sin to your environment.

I have none of the lover-attracting Voodoo or TAL scents on my wishlist, because I have plenty enough lovers on my own, but hey, frimp!

In bottle: I wonder what's in the Voodoo blends that's particular to them. This has something in it that's similar to Van Van and Follow Me Boy, but it's not chemical-y.

On me: Definitely something floral in there, but there's something more solid there, too. *looks at forum* Forumites say dragon's blood, though it doesn't seem that strong to me. Eh. No like.

Erato: a crush of roses with sweet pea, myrrh, ylang ylang, orris and stephanotis.

Uh-oh. Rose.

In bottle: o_O Not rose. Sweet pea.

On me: ...pure rose. Swap.

Iambe: Sudanese amber, patchouli, rose, gardenia, gladiola and white tea.

In bottle: Very ambery, so much so that I can almost feel the sticky little bits of amber resin. Undernote of patchouli.

On me: Starts off amber. Patchouli comes *roaring* in almost immediately. Then floral, but a sweet floral. Must be gladiola, because I know what BPAL's rose and gardenia smell like, and that ain't it. Now it's flower petals scattered on top of an open box of amber resin. This is interesting and nice, but not me... I may hang onto it and re-try. Hm. There's something very sweet in there. This morphs like whoa.

I get my kid back today! Early afternoon, my parents said. Which means late afternoon. Still. Today!
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