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Wow. I am freakin' weary.

And nauseous. I need to figure out what the nausea point of coffee consumption is so I can stop *before* it next year. Maybe I can only drink two and a half pots in 24 hours.

Some of you know I'm not kidding.

I have not had enough sleep! I woke up coughing at 12:30. Which is nature's way of telling me to dust the headboard. Tried to go back to sleep... that's not quite working out. Yawning like crazy, though.

Adam is fixing me some soup, because even with killer nausea, I should eat something.

Reminder to self, to post when brain works (probably tomorrow):

* Post with links to all Blogathon posts in story-chronological-order
* Character breakdown - it interests me to know who shows up when I'm not conscious about choosing. I know this year was Capri-heavy, but I remember some Telenias in there, too. (Seriously. My memories of what I posted are vague. That's how brainfried I am. This is way worse than last year.)

To post Tuesday: List of sponsors. Why not til Tuesday? Because it's not too late to sponsor me.

I raised $2,770. Which is about a thousand dollars more than I've ever raised in a single event in my life. If you add that to my Operation Freefall total, you get a grand total of over $4,000 raised this year specifically for rape and sexual assault counseling, education, and prevention. I call that a damn fine year.

I like round numbers. I've raised enough here that I won't feel disappointed if I don't get there, but - it would freakin make my year if I hit $3,000 for this event. So if you haven't given yet, please consider it.

You can sponsor now and pay on your August paycheck. That's what I'm doing.

There a bunch of other people who struggled through this 'thon right alongside me. You should go over and congratulate aurora_lamour, boutell, kimeepower, qassandra, seimaisin, shadowwolf13, slipjig, weofodthignen, and zarhooie - and check out their charities, and sponsor if you can.

I want to single out boutell, blogging for Doctors Without Borders, who did the entire freakin' Blogathon in iambic pentameter. Do you guys have any clue how hard it is to write coherent fiction for the better part of 24 hours (because make no mistake, I was typing almost every minute of this 'thon)? Imagine doing it with sonnets.

This is physically and mentally grueling. Grueling.

Will I do it next year?

Hell yes.


Because two thousand, seven hundred and seventy people who need help will get it because I did this. Because of me, and because of my sponsors.

It's worth it.

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