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The Sanctuary lies in the middle of the desert, shielded from all humans. It is invisible on radar. It is completely undetectable by any who do not have Dasaroi blood.

Shayara is much the same... but its shields are far more elaborate. Bus drivers, postmen, delivery trucks can pull up to the city gates - the drivers know to unload their passengers and goods, but within minutes of departing, they forget that they were ever there. Those with Dasaroi blood, however, are drawn to Shayara - a call they feel deep in their bones.

Within the city, the Tower's shields are less elaborate, but more complex - the Tower itself is clearly visible. But when you leave, you forget that one particular person resides within.

And the castle at the heart of the city keeps out everyone but the Lishaya.

And all of these shields were created, are maintained, by one man.


This is Blogathon 2006. I'm posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

We're up to $2,665.60! Let's see if we can push it to $3,000!

Remember, every dollar facilitates one phone call to RAINN's hotline.

Sponsor Me!

Okay, I have update windows up to type in for all of the remaining posts. That makes it easier - makes it quantifiable. See? Only those few windows!

I can do this. Five more words, five more pieces of story.

Anybody still awake out there to sponsor me?

Over 100 bloggers have dropped out of Blogathon over the course of the 'thon.

I am proud of my fellow Blogathonners here for hanging in there.

We can do this thing!
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