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They bring her up, place her on my chest… we’re both gasping.

And she looks up at me.

Her eyes are bigger than the world.

Oceans of blue, warm soft blue… and I know it’s impossible, but she’s looking at me like she recognizes me. Tiny little head bobbling about, trying to take everything in, make sense of everything.

Her first cry is not from birth trauma. It’s from being unable to explore! It’s the frustration of not knowing everything she wants to know right now. Oh, gods, she is so like me, and I laugh from the joy of it…

I palm her tiny head, and she looks back up at me, wail interrupted. “Hi,” I whisper.

She blinks, emotions unformed and surging through her. And for the first time, I notice her hair… tiny sweet wisps of vivid red. Seth’s hair. Oh, goodness. You’ll be the worst-kept secret in Shayara, tiny love. “Hi,” I whisper again, grinning like a fool. “Your name is Capri Sara Donnelly. And I’m your mommy.”


I swear, anyone would think Capri's the main character. I guess she is tonight.

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...I am so nauseous.

3 hours...
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