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Dear Jason,

I don't know why I address things to you, like they're letters. I know you intend this book to be a single document. I worry that I'm doing it wrong.

But that's me, right? Always just a little bit uncertain.

I think I'm getting over my uncertainty about being here, though. It's true to Shayara feels like Home - that a part of me was never complete, never at rest, until I came here. Is it this way for everyone? If so, why do you live so far away?

I can't believe I never asked this before, but I guess I never thought of it while I was there:

What is the purpose of the Sanctuary, this place so far away from Shayara, from Home?

Anyway. By now you know that the Talthar Kithrayna voted to find Julia. And you already know how apprehensive that makes me feel. I don't know what to hope for, Jason. I see this city under the Council's rule, and know it for wrong... but frankly, I'm terrified of Julia. I know what she was. None of us know what she's become.

This invitation is not something that can be taken back.

I don't know, Jason. That's pretty much my big preoccupation right now. That and finding a band to play in, and some other way to earn money if that doesn't work out soon. I'm not having any big, grand, cosmic thoughts on life, the universe, and everything... I often think that this book is wasted on me. But I guess you know what you're doing.



This is Blogathon 2006. I'm posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

We're up to $2,665.60! Let's see if we can push it to $3,000!

Remember, every dollar facilitates one phone call to RAINN's hotline.

Sponsor Me!

Mahna mahna.

Showers help perkiness, but Adam's asleep, and I do not want to wake him! We'll save that for an absolute last resort.

I so totally want to write porn. It is really hard to not write porn right now.
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