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Julia sighed, frustrated. "They still have superior numbers. And no qualms about killing people. Our guys..."

"They can be trusted," Fenris insisted.

"I trust them. But how many of them will hesitate when it come to taking a life? How many may still see the Hounds as fellow Dasaroi?"

Fenris's jaw tightened. "Point. And there's still the issue of sheer numbers."

"Gods, I wish we had more Kirayth."

"We've recruited as much as we can. The problem is, you put on the jacket, you may as well be painting a target on your back. The problem with most people is that if you give them the choice between standing up for what's right and being left alone, they're gonna take the easy way out."

"I don't see how they can."

"Yeah, well, you and me, kid - we never had that choice."

Julia grinned at him, shaking her head. "Yeah. Well, there's not enough of us. How are we going to keep from getting slaughtered, much less take them down?"

"I have a proposal," a quiet voice said from just beyond the door.

They turned as she walked in. Julia's eyes widened. "Katrianna."

"Little sister."

"Your proposal?"

Katrianna nodded. "They have you beat in numbers, yes. But what if you made a play that was not entirely physical?"

Julia frowned. "I'm strong, but they have shields. I amplanning on taking out as many as I can, but-"

"You can take them all out at once."


Katrianna leaned forward, hands on the table. "There is an... energy source, on the island. An artificial nexus. The Council uses it in all of their projects, in all of their dealings, to get an extra boost of power. I'm fairly certain that my father still thinks I'm on his side... I can gain access to this nexus and alter its energy. So that you can use it against them. I will pass it to you. You will shut them down."

"They've all used it? You're certain?" Julia pressed.

"It's part of their initiation. And they tend to become accustomed to the extra power, and draw on it frequently."

"And your sure that you can alter it?"

"I trained every day with it as a child."

"Is this safe for you to do?"

"Probably not."

Julia stopped. "It's not?"

"Julia - we're talking about you reaching out to everyone who has ever touched this energy source, and using that energy to kill them. I have used it almost every day since I was a toddler. No. I will probably not be safe."

"Why would you do this?"

She looked across the table. "I have done terrible things, Julia. Let me redeem myself."

Fenris spoke into the silence that followed that. "Let's do it."


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