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He watches from inside me - he always has. He has hollowed me out. He has become my substance.

He has poisoned everything.

Dark and bitter and cold and ancient.

I used to try to fight him, to control my own actions, but he has been too strong for years now.

(And to tell the truth, I rather like it now. All the baser instincts explored, every illicit desire fulfilled, and it's not my doing, not my fault. It's him. All I can do is sit back and tolerate it.)

(Sit back and enjoy it.)

He wears me like a mask. And for all my struggles, I no longer mind.


Okay, no one who reads nanosong is surprised that I picked this character for "mask"...

irana's doing the prompts along with me now. She'll likely post when she gets home. Her laptop can't get on our network.

This is Blogathon 2006. I'm posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

We're up to $2,635.60! Let's see if we can push it to $3,000!

Remember, every dollar facilitates one phone call to RAINN's hotline.

Sponsor Me!

The official quote of the evening: "You're hiding? From fellatio?!?"
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