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She collapsed into the chair opposite him, obviously exhausted from dancing, and he tensed. Week after week she did this. When will she realize she's never going to get anything out of me?

She smiled coquettishly. "How are you tonight, Ryan?"

"Doing well?"

"Want to dance?"

"No, Alanna."

Little flare of her eyes, and she turned pointedly to watch the dancers.

Don't ask, don't ask... "Why are you here?" Damn. Never can manage to keep my damn mouth shut, when it's just me and her.

She turned back to him, surprised. "I like to dance."

"I didn't mean here at Need. I meant here at my table." She only cocked her head to the side, so he continued. "You always come to me. You always ask me to dance. I always say no. And then the next time, you replay the whole thing. Why?"

"Because someday, you might say yes."

He looked at her across the table. "I don't think I will."

"You might."

"Alanna... we're not friends. I have sworn fealty to you as Lishaya. But that doesn't mean I have to dance with you." Does it?

She looked down, then back up, suddenly looking lost. "No. But..."

"Alanna! There you are."

The cold veneer slipped back into place, so quickly that Ryan doubted that what he'd seen was real. "Jeramie," she nodded coolly.

"Time to go home, princess." Jeramie nodded in Ryan's direction as he gave a proprietary touch to Alanna's arm. She rose, turning away from Ryan quickly, and they left him alone with his thoughts.


The bitch of it is that if Ryan had listened to her, a lot of shit would have been prevented. Not just here - she tries for years.

I'm still not sure if Ryan will ever know that.

I know Julia will.

This is Blogathon 2006. I'm posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

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