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There is a reason he won't get close.

You have forgotten.

It's not your fault, of course. It's what the gods brought down on us all. We know that we were born immortal, with power beyond measure. We know that something terrible happened. (That we did something terrible.) And that the gods revoked most of our power, and our immortality. And, after making sure we couldn't do it again, stole away our memory of what we did. (What could we have done that's so terrible that that was a mercy?) And that they left us.

And all these centuries, we have grown up in this world not knowing. We have all forgotten.

He has not.

This is the lot that was given to House Tallart, which once was House Telenias - someone must always remember. So he was trained by Martin, and Martin by David before him, all down the years - trained, and the memory brought forth. He is the Telenias - the Telenias. He carries the burden of memory.

He can never share it.

And he will always know that you do not truly know yourself, because you have forgotten.


Look, ewin! Your favorite!

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