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Crystal went out to the desert with Kellen, and she came back without him, and everything changed.

The energy that had been building all year - building for years - that sweet, humming, knife-edge tension - dissipated, just like that. We knew before we even saw her face. We knew that Kellen was gone. Because that tension had all centered from him, radiated from him - all of us humming like a tuning fork, all these twisting lines through Las Vegas leading back to Kellen. And then it was all just gone.

And she came walking out of the desert, alone, huddled into his too-big leather jacket.

And I knew right away that I should have gone with them. Me and Griffin both. It was a foolish romantic idea Kellen had, and it cost him his life. Me and Griffin, we should've been smarter. We should've gone out there.

What the hell do I know about desert spirits? No more or no less than she did. But maybe there would've been strength in numbers.

She walked out of that desert without him, and this whole network we'd had, this energy we'd all built together - it was gone. Who knows what we could've done with it? We fucked it up. Buncha stupid junkies.

So Kellen's gone. And Griffin's gone - he couldn't stand to look at Crystal all silent and haunted as she was, couldn't be with her with Kellen's baby in her. And me, I'm thinking about leaving.

It all fell apart, man.


Look! More placesyouhaunt!

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irana is here! She's going to be blogging her novel. She brought barbecue and garlicky pesto pasta. We love her. Even when she doesn't bring awesome food. *beam*
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