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Julia hesitated at the border of the castle. She felt the shields shimmering around her, had heard stories about what the castle did to those deemed unworthy. I know I'm the Lishaya. I know I am. I have nothing to fear here.

And she walked through.

The shields parted and fell before her, like Sleeping Beauty's hedge before the prince. Like Sleeping Beauty, this place had been waiting for her. She felt an odd pang in her heart at the thought. This was hers. This recognized her.

She stood before the tall, wrought-iron gate and placed her hand against it.

It swung open.

She jumped back, then laughed at herself. She walked through the courtyard, lush and green, trees heavy with fruit, walls thick with vines.

The door of the castle.

It opened at a touch, as she'd come to expect.

She stepped in... and tears sprang to her eyes. "Oh. Oh. I remember," she whispered to herself, standing in the foyer. She turned, taking in the two winding staircases, the marble floor, the portraits, the tapestries, the chandeliers - so much! And so many memories, layered one on top of the other.

This is my home. And it waited for me.


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