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She completes the rituals of going out. High boots with high heels. Skintight dress to show off every curve. Makeup applied impeccably, artistic dark lines making her large greyblue eyes look even bigger, dark red lipstick to emphasize her mouth. Dark hair artfully styled to stay in place, look just that perfect bit tousled before and after dancing. Thin silver chain around her neck - a gift from him. Long black gloves.

She studies herself in the mirror, turning, examining every view, every inch.

Satisfied that no bruises show, she leaves.


This is Blogathon 2006. I'm posting every half hour for 24 hours, to raise money for RAINN.

We're still at $2,528.60! Let's see if we can push it to $3,000!

Remember, every dollar facilitates one phone call to RAINN's hotline.

Sponsor Me!

I'm wet and naked! (Water's safe. Took a shower.)
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