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“Who is that?” Thomas breathed.

We looked. Standing next to Jason, hands in her back pockets, was a new girl. No way of seeing eye color from this distance, but by the long, thick chestnut hair, I was guessing she was L’Arathi. Nicholas straightened in his chair, possibly coming to the same conclusion.

Jason led her over to us, and I took an instant liking to her – she had a good feel about her. She shoved her hair back behind her ears as she approached – probably a nervous habit. And yes, her eyes were L’Arathi, grey-in-green.

Jason grinned as they reached us. “Everyone – this is Liane Farrell.”

“Just Annie,” she interrupted self-consciously.

“Okay – Annie. This… is a big part of your peer group.” One by one he introduced us; she nodded after each name, clearly trying to keep us all straight in her head.

“And this is Nicholas.”

Her gaze fell on him, and she blushed. Hard to see if she was reacting to him or to his wheelchair… I hoped for the former. It would speak better of her. He was worth reacting to… one of the handsomest guys at the Sanctuary. I preferred Seth, of course, but Nicholas was damn fine… also typical L’Arathi, but with a stronger upper-body build than usual due to hauling himself around in his chair all his life. He was open and friendly too, as she seemed to be. Looking back and forth between them, I started to grin... oh, yes. This could get interesting.


The speaker is teenage Jessa, of course; Annie and Nicholas are Shawn's parents. Or, well, they will be. Damn time and its supposed linearity.

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