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(This is the day after this.)

She woke to find herself in a bed in someone's basement, sheets tangled around her legs. Eyes still closed, she looked with other senses...

Someone was in the room with her.

She froze, probed.

A woman. Older. Not Tessa. Had powers, though. Not empathy... something different.

She cautiously opened her eyes, to find the woman smiling at her from across the room.

She struggled out of the covers and to her feet as the woman crossed the room. "Who are you? Where am I?"

"Ah. We met yesterday, but you were... not entirely yourself. I'm Donna. Kithraya of House Tarak."

"The bloodreaders," she remembered... and started to remember other things. She looked up at Donna, comprehension dawning. "I'm in Shayara."

"You are. You're in the Library, to be exact."

"A library? Why?"

"Because it's one of the best-shielded locations in the city. You had a difficult time crossing into the city - do you remember that?"

Julia flinched, memory assaulting her. "I was - it was like I was everyone I've ever been, all at once."

"But you're not having difficulty now."


"The Library's shields. You should stay here for a while. Until you get accustomed to the city, and to your memories."

"What, in your basement?"

"We have a room upstairs for you," Donna smiled.

"In the library?"

"I live in the Library," Donna shrugged. "Many members of my House do."

"Where do members of my House live?"

Sympathy flickered across Donna's face. "One thing at a time, Julia." She beckoned Julia up the stairs, to the Library.


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