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"And how are things with Alanna?"

Jeramie looked up, surprised to be addressed by Janos. He snuck a look over at Stephen. "Going well. She has been very... pliant."

"Do you think she'll back us in the matter of the Hounds?"

He allowed himself a smile. "Oh, yes. She was a bit thrown at first, but... I have convinced her that they were volunteers. Eager to give their beloved Lishaya the protection she needs."

"And her dependence on you?"

Another look at Stephen. Does this not disturb him? I know what he did to Katrina, but Alanna is his daughter. "Quite complete. I've altered her mind in a few ways... increasing that dependence, her eagerness to please me... some other things." Some other things I won't be saying in front of Stephen.

Janos turned to Stephen, who hadn't deigned to even look at Jeramie. "And Katrianna?"

"Progressing wonderfully," Stephen replied, actual warmth in his voice. "She's quite adept in all of the usual Tamrani gifts, and has expressed interest in learning about the gifts of other Houses. I'd like to recruit a tutor or two from each of the major Houses, while I'm here."

"I'll put the word out. Do you think she's the Lishaya?"

"Too early to tell. I can tell you that she is more powerful than Alanna." At that, he did look at Jeramie. Cool smirk. "We'll have to decide what to do about that."


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