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Julia descended, hand trailing along the railing. Hard to get used to all of this grandeur, this spiral staircase, the richly-appointed foyer of the Library. Filled with people. She grimaced, not wanting to deal with them and their expectations. Donna, Tessa and her team - some red-haired girl talking to Lyric -

And the redhead turned to face her, and Julia froze.

Her coloring was different - that vivid blaze of hair. Enormous deep-blue eyes. But her face - we could be sisters.

Donna noticed the sudden shift of energy in the room, and smiled as she saw the reason. "Oh, Julia! I was hoping you'd join us. I have someone new to introduce you to."

Julia continued down the stairs, trying to shake off the shock. "I see."

The girl met her at the foot of the stairs, smiling. "Hi! I'm Capri Donnelly."

Julia shook Capri's offered hand. "Hey. Um. I'm Julia. Donnelly - is that one of the second- or third-circle Houses?"

"Nope. I'm a mutt - Mom was Tamrani, and Dad was Narsani. Dad came from outside the city, though, and kept his human name. Mom took it when she married him." She executed a little bow. "So really - Capri Donnelly ni'Tamra, at your service."

"You look like me," Julia blurted out.

"That's the Tamrani blood."

"No one - no one's ever looked like me before."

Capri smiled softly. "You grew up outside Shayara... you never met anyone from your House?"

She shook her head. "Never. Tessa, but she doesn't look like me. Like us."

"Ah. Well... you are the very model of House Tamra, Julia. And in some ways, so am I."

Julia studied her. Her face, her nose, the set of her chin - all things she'd seen in the mirror. But Capri was smiling, which Julia didn't do in the mirror much. Hesitantly, she returned the smile.

Capri's smile widened in return. "Welcome home."


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