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"Do you think she'll like it?"

Capri held the necklace up to the light, admiring it. "Well, it is beautiful."

"Oh, good." Kieran grinned, relieved. "I never know, with her -"

Capri held a hand up to interrupt him. "It is beautiful. But, Kier - have you ever seen her wear jewelry?"

He paused. "Maybe it's just that she doesn't have any?"

"Or maybe it's that she doesn't want any, that she's not the sort to wear it."

Kieran sighed, deflated. "Kip... I don't know how to court her. I'm doing my best. It's her House colors, and - it is beautiful."

"But this is not necessarily the sort of beauty she wants. And it's a little... overly personal, coming from someone she still bristles at. Don't you think?"

"What do you mean? About it not being the sort of beauty she wants?"

"Well..." she turned it back and forth, ran her thumb along the intricate wirework. "It's very feminine, and very elaborate. She prefers simpler things."

"So a simpler necklace?"

"Get your mind off the jewelry, Kier. Think. What have you seen her enjoying?"

He paused, and turned to look out the window. "You," he laughed quietly.

She stood on tiptoes to kiss him. "Try music."


Music does end up working, eventually.

Seriously. This is one of the very few prompts that isn't morbid. I even actually have "morbid" as a prompt. Y'all are gonna get some dark stuff today if you don't give me happier prompts. :)

This is Blogathon 2006. We're at $2,280.60.

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