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You can see the whole city from here - the Ferris wheel, stopped at its highest point.

Below, the Carnival District - a maze of alleys and lurid lighting, the clubs, the old and secret places, neon turning fog cotton-candy colors.

This is not a place to go without protection.

From here, you can see where the Purges began - the border between the District and the territory of House Lhri'nahr.

They were almost to safety...

The Hounds had been hidden here, in alleys and funhouses, waiting for her signal to pour out onto the streets. Watching the families at the Harvest Festival, watching fathers win teddy bears at the ring toss for their little girls, knowing that soon those fathers would be rent limb from limb...

And if those fathers, those children, felt a chill - felt they were watched - they'd not have known why.

The Carnival District was built on darkness, and has never forgotten this.


Wow, I'm morbid today. It's the prompts y'all are giving me! Give me something cheerful! Click here to prompt me.

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Also: I may go through a period of substandard writing, as the brain drugs are starting to kick in.

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