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I'll take "scents my cat hates" for $200, Alex.

Hungry Ghost Moon: Offerings of ginger candy, sugar cane, smoky vanilla and rice wine mingle with a ghost’s perfume of white sandalwood, ho wood, ti, white grapefruit, crystalline musk and aloe. This scent is tapered by the presence of seven herbs, woods and resins used in the purification of the spirit and the purging of earthly concerns from the soul.

Montresor: The black fruit and vanilla oaken notes of fine Medoc and De Grâve, but not a hint of the elusive Amontillado.

Coyote: The warmth of doeskin, dry plains grasses and soft, dusty woods warmed by amber and a downy, gentle coat of deep musk.

...I am not seeing a common ingredient here.

All three have woods, two have musks, two have fruit...

...all of which are also in things that Max either loves or has no reaction to.

What is it about these three that make him jump across the bed, hair standing on end?

And he's not just in a mood. He's utterly freaked out by the Hungry Ghost Moon, but he likes the Kathmandu on my other arm just fine.

I really wish I could pinpoint what notes wig him out. I would buy nothing including them. Poor kitty.

Yes, I'll be swapping out Hungry Ghost Moon. It upsets my cat, and the predominant note on me is grapefruit, which I hate. I was hoping for ginger candy!

Loving having a big bottle of Kathmandu, though. That scent just makes me happy. :)
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