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I'm entering Blogathon having already broken my all-time fundraising record.

As of right now, I have raised $1,786.60. :)

Thank you, amywon, momlady, just_shai, phinnia, sitaangel, burning_bryght, and sylverice2!

Remember, my goal is $2,000. We are so close!

Whether you donate or not, you get 48 pieces of spontaneously-composed flash fiction tomorrow, written from your prompts. All posts will be written during the Blogathon. No prewriting. Think of the entertainment around hour 21!

If you sponsor me, you get:
* A .pdf of the Shayara Primer, all professionally designed
* A .doc of everything written during the Blogathon, with creator commentary
* The knowledge that you have helped RAINN - that your money has gone towards getting rape survivors the help and support they need. Every dollar is one call, one person.

Please sponsor me!

And sponsor my fellow Blogathonners! boutell's writing a sonnet every half hour. zarhooie's charity has llamas. I don't think slipjig's 'thon has a schtick, but he's a great kisser. And don't forget aurora_lamour, faecat, kimeepower, shadowwolf13, and weofodthignen

Tomorrow morning. 9 AM. It begins.

Click. Sponsor. Enjoy. :)
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