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Hello to new reader fx741sb!

Guh. Very exhausted. Also with the nausea. Mild brainfuckery.

And. yes, pain. I'll call my doctor next week about possibly raising the Cymbalta.

Daily Science
10 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

Solar System Collisons - Send an asteroid or comet hurtling toward your favorite planet!

The ten deadliest poisons.

Daily BPAL
I'm running low on imps! My Hungry Ghost Moon/Kathmandu order is coming soon, though, so I'll have some frimpage.

Mi-Go Brain Canister: In an effort to create a pleasing environment during a surprise trip to Yuggoth, we have created a soothing yet stimulating blend of pink pepper, peony, jasmine, mango, kiwi, pomegranate, pineapple, white ginger, serene white tea and light musks. Bon voyage!

In bottle: A confusion of *stuff*.

On me: Chemical. Fruit. Jumble.

Spooky: A maddeningly festive blend of warm, buttery rum, cocoa, coconut, vanilla and a jolt of peppermint. It’s a sweet, decadent, slightly silly scent, reminicent of rum-laced holiday cookies.

In bottle: Chocolate candy cane.

On me: This is one of the few where I get all of the listed notes. I don't get *cookies* from it, though - no solid, no *dough*. This is candy. I like it. This is going to my Spooky-girl, though; I got it for her, because of the name. :) (I want Storyville for the same reason, but have accepted that I'll never get it.)

Samhain '04: Truly the scent of autumn itself -- damp woods, fir needle, and black patchouli with the gentlest touches of warm pumpkin, clove, nutmeg, allspice, sweet red apple and mullein.

In bottle: Warm. Very warm. I smell the fir and the touch of foodiness.

On me: There's the patchouli - just a bit, not overwhelming - there's the woods. Oh, hey, there's the apple. Rich like apple pie, not the crisp apple of Empyreal Mist. Mmm. This is autumn, and autumn is my favorite season. Hello, pie-spices, hello, trees. I'm really glad this one gets re-released every year; saves me scrambling for it! *sniff* Scent-picture, forest in autumn just after sunset, rustling leaves. EDIT: honey!

Hellion: A scent for all rabble-rousing, nose-thumbing reprobates: black plum, champaca flower, dark musk, patchouli, narcissus and scorched sandalwood.

In bottle: Plum and patchouli.

On me: Plum and patchouli and musk...I'm not getting floral or sandalwood, but I like the rest so much that I don't much care about the lack of wood. Patchouli fades. Dark plum and musk. Hm. Wee bit of floral in the background. EDIT: And it dies utterly very quickly. Ah well.

Friday memeage...

Still in my nightie. 413: Requested Entity Too Large panties in honor of last night's writing.

Darwinia, by Robert Charles Wilson. I'm liking it okay. Adam discovered him recently and has been tossing the books on my to-read pile after he finished them; I've been reading them over dinner and in the bathroom because they're light and easy, insubstantial. Spin is the only one I'd re-read. That one was good.

Blogathon is tomorrow!
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