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copying over from Vox

The question of the day = your dream restaurant...

It would be Tyka's coffeehouse in Shayara.

It's a boutique on the left side and a coffeeshop on the right; the coffeehouse is about 80% of the square footage, and the boutique is 20%. You enter through the boutique door. The boutique sells only Shayara-made goods - locally-published books and comics, CDs by local bands, handcrafted clothing. There's a door behind the cash register - that leads to Tyka's office. The other door from Tyka's office goes to the kitchens.

You walk through an archway to the coffeehouse. The floor is brick; the walls are painted in warm colors and hung with art by local artists. The tables are puzzle-pieces with dry-erase tops - they fit together for large parties. There's a mug filled with markers on every table. :) There's also a motley collection of sofas, armchairs, wooden tables, and old lamps.

The back of the coffeehouse has a small stage, perfect for concerts, plays, and Rocky Horror. To the left, a bulletin board on which one can find *anything*, the doors to the bathrooms, and the brightly-painted doors to the kitchens. To the right, the graffiti wall, covered with messages of generations. This place has been here for a long time, a fact that also shows in some of the subtle antiques scattered around. Funky lighting fixtures adorn the high ceilings.

Hi. This is my brain.

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