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Thanks to new sponsors betnybean, bitsyboo (please click verification e-mail!), cihuateteo, setfiretolife, kyburg, laurelian, mgrasso, jnanacandra (please click verification e-mail!), tidesong, tyche, wispfox, wolfieboy, wolflady26, ysabel, Anonymous x2, and C.E. (LJname unknown), I'm up to $1,578.00 raised!

Not only am I now going into Blogathon with more than I've ever gone into it with, I'm now not far from my record total ($1,750).

My goal is $2,000.

We can do this.


* When you sponsor me, you are not paying immediately. You are promising to pay. You can click now and pay after the Blogathon; you can pay on your August paycheck.

* RAINN takes checks and money orders as well as credit/debit cards. You do not need a credit card to sponsor me!

* After the Blogathon, you will be sent two reminder e-mails to go sponsor - you'll go directly to RAINN.

* Please click the verification link on your e-mail to verify that yes, you intend to sponsor; otherwise, that amount doesn't get added to my totals. boutell, littlebuhnee, bitsyboo, and jnanacandra, make with the clicky. :) Also one of the Anonymouses in the amount of $50 is unverified. If you no longer have that e-mail, say so here and you'll be verified manually.

* I realize and appreciate that not everyone has the money to sponsor me, and intend no pressure if you really can't give. If you can't give, though - and even if you can and have! - you can still pimp this Blogathon to your readers!

Any other questions?

Please sponsor me!

And my fellow Blogathonners, too!

Two days. *vibrates*
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