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Me: *write* *write* *...stop* *try* *...*

Halloran: Umm, no.

Me: But, see, this is the scene I want to write.

Halloran: But that's not what I want to do.

Me: *sigh* Okay. But. This? Is what I want to write.

Halloran: Yeah, I know. But that's not how I react to that.

Me: *frustrated "eh!"*

Halloran: I realize that you want to establish a relationship between me and Tyka here. But this thing you want to write is not how it happens. This is just not how I deal with things. Kieran, yeah. My kiri, sometimes, yeah. Not me.

Me: ...but I wanna.

Halloran: But you want to be honest more than you want to write that.

Me: *sigh* ...yeah.

Halloran: Go to bed now. We can work on this tomorrow.

Me: ...okay. *suspicious look* Hey. Why do you get to tell me what to do?

Halloran: Because you love me. And there is a lot of your Adam in me, you know.

Me: Hmph. 'k. ...g'night.

Halloran: G'night. And don't forget to eat breakfast in the morning.

Me: :P
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