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Writing Prompt: Breeding.

“Is she here yet?”

“Not yet, Alanna.”

Alanna paced, peering out the window what she passed it. “Eight years, Jeramie. Eight years. And I’ve never met her.”

“I know, Princess.”

“Do you think she’ll stay here? Do you think they’d let her?”

“I find it unlikely.”

She looked crestfallen. “Why?”

“Katrianna is… a bit of a special project.”

“What do you mean?”

“Your father is training her himself.”

She stilled. “My father.”


She smoothed her skirts. “Himself?”

Jeramie smiled, sensing her distress. “Yes. He works with her very closely. It’s my understanding that Katrianna is immensely powerful. Your father wants her closely monitored, and given every opportunity.”

She looked up at him sharply, hands forming little fists. “More powerful than me, Jeramie?”

He looked down at her gravely. “Yes.”

The word seemed to strike her physically. She took a step back, paling, and turned to look out the window. “Is she Lishaya?” she asked, not meeting his eyes.

“We don’t know.”

“What will you do if she is?”

“We don’t know.”

She whirled to face him. “That is not an acceptable answer. And I don’t think it’s a true answer, either. Janos and my father have a plan – they have a plan for everything. What is it?”

“I’m not privy to it, Alanna.”

“Get privy to it.”

He closed the space between them in two steps, grasped her arm tightly. “Was that an order, little one?”
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