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I miss my kid like crazy.

I just have these times all through the day when I want to turn to her and say "Dude, check this out," or pull her into my lap and hug her, and she is 600 miles away, and that sucks.

When I talk to my parents, they rave about how wonderful she's been this summer. I say I know, she's really matured this year, and they say no, really, she's fantastic; no problems at camp, no problems here, even if she doesn't like people, she gets along with them, and she's such a big help...

I say yeah, I know. She rocks. And mom says I'm doing a great job with her.

Which I was not expecting. Because, y'know, so far as Mom is concerned, all of my choices are wrong. I guess Elayna's just so awesome that the not-wrongness is indisputable.

She's a great kid. She's a great person. She's my little buddy. She's been gone too long. I want my kid back.

Week and a half.
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