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The nature of Shayara and its people is such that a concise and comprehensive history text has long been requested. It is true that the Library can provide a most complete history of our people; however, said history would be gained through research in dozens of texts, if not hundreds, and would consume months on the part of the researcher.

To that extent, we have undertaken to compile a brief history in these pages, to be stored in both the Library and the Sanctuary. Said history will be expanded at need. This is, as all things must be, a work in progress. It is my great hope that further generations will continue to expand the work that I here begin.

With respect and honor,
J ni’Tarak

The Shayara Primer will give you tons of background on Shayara, the Dasaroi themselves, and everything else you've been wanting to know - save, of course, for the Fall itself. From the birth of the Firstborn right up to the point our story begins, in fiction and "nonfiction" - the system of goernment and individual Houses, the evolution of language, the diaspora and return, politics, rebellion... the Purges.

And a PDF of it is free to Blogathon sponsors.

Click to sponsor.

(And if there's anything you want from the Primer that's not listed above, speak now before it gets set in stone!)
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