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As of this month, RAINN has received one million calls.



One million girls and boys, women and men, reaching out after suffering one of the most traumatic things that can happen to a person... and finding help because RAINN exists.

RAINN doesn't have a big government endowment. No, RAINN is dependent on contributions from people like us.

That page says that one dollar sponsors one call. If that's so, you, dear readers, have sponsored 898 calls so far this Blogathon. And about 3,500 in two of my three past Blogathons.

Let's keep it going.

Please sponsor me!

Want to help and can't afford to sponsor? Tell your readers about Blogathon. July 29th. 48 posts in 24 hours. For charity.

Additional request for help: I'd love to supplement this by auctioning stuff for charity. Crafts donated by crafty readers, signed copies of books by author readers. My brain's not together enough right now to manage that. I could use a hand putting it together, if it's to happen.
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